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Toddler shoes - size 20-30 (download)

Toddler shoes - size 20-30 (download)

Cute and cool Toddler shoes. 
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6,54  EUR
These toddler shoes are just perfect as indoor shoes but also for outside use on a summerday with a thicker protecting sole, like our soft nonslip felt 

Note: This pattern is an instant download, you can not regret the purchase. IF YOU WISH TO BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD THIS PATTERN RIGHT AWAY YOU CAN ONLY PAY WITH PAYPAL. Otherwise we will send you the patterne when we have recived your payment. Remember to check an extra time that you have entered the correct email address as this pattern is sent automatically to your email address once the order has gone through. The pattern can also be downloaded on the order confirmation that appears after you complete your order.